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A RECIPROCAL MEMBERSHIP between the Las Cruces Arts & Crafts Association Inc. and the ArtForms Artists Association of New Mexico

Original April 16 - Revised April 18, 2017 and June 14, 2017


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Reciprocal Membership Information

The Board of Directors of ArtForms and of The Las Cruces Arts Association have agreed to present, for a vote, a Trial Reciprocal Membership to the members of both organizations.

This one-year trial membership would examine the possibilities of both organizations working together to support and enhance the visual arts in Las Cruces. Both organizations would continue their missions and activities as a separate organization but would welcome all members of both organizations to participate in each other’s activities such as, meetings, events and exhibitions. After one year, the outcome imagined would be two strong organizations possibly merging into one. Determined by the two separate memberships voting.


The Las Cruces Arts Association was established in 1962 as the Las Cruces Arts and Crafts Association. Over the years, the membership has fluctuated between 50 to 100 members. Currently we are at 65 members. Our Fiscal Year is June 1st through May 31st

We are currently located in the Community Enterprise Center. 125 N. Main St. With an Office, Community Conference Room, Large Exhibition / Meeting space inside and out. Rent is $250 per month, all inclusive. However, we have problems with the management making much needed repairs and renovations.

LCAA's Purpose

The purpose of the Las Cruces Arts Association is to foster an environment for artists of all levels. To come together to learn and to share the joy of art and extend that enjoyment to the greater community. All artist, art groups and art lovers of all ages are invited to join the LCAA to market, explore and experience the arts and artists of Las Cruces.

LCAA's Membership Dues


The dues are:

Annual Memberships $30

Students Memberships $15

Art Group Memberships $50

Corporate Memberships $100

Community Partner Memberships $1,000+

(LCAA Membership renewal is one year after joining.)

(Note: Art Forms is considering a membership fee increase.)

Benefits of being in LCAA for ArtForms Members


EXHIBITIONS  (LCAA takes no commissions on any artwork sold)

Art-On-Easels Gallery, a pop-up exhibit concept with 3 monthly venues

(1) 1st Friday during the Art Ramble Downtown, 5-8pm

(2) 3rd Saturday Downtown Market, 7-Noon

(3) Wednesday Evening Downtown Market (May-September) 5-9pm

Fees:  1-4 art pieces or multiple crafts items, $10 to exhibit for one venue / $20 for all 3

Alternative Spaces, Exhibit opportunities at 3-4 various locations

Fee: $10 for 1 pc. / $5 ea. additional.

Annual Member Show - Fee: $15 for 1 pc. / $5 for additional pieces.

Cash Prizes in several categories


Artist Demonstration - 9-10 Monthly Member’s Meetings

Fee: No Charge – Open to the public

Artist Workshops – 1day or several day workshops

Presenter sets costs, supplies and timeline

Art-In – 2nd Wednesday of the month gather at the Center to do your art together, 9am-Noon


Member Discounts at 3 different art and frame shops

Meeting new and being with friends

Publicity support through press releases/ posters/ postcards

Featured Artist each month a member volunteers or is selected to show any number of pieces at any of the 3 Art-On-Easels Exhibits and Members meetings- Press releases and poster

Board Meetings – 3rd Saturday of month following Market 12:15 – 3:30pm

Members Meeting – 3rd Sunday of month – 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Committee Meetings –scheduled as needed


Memberships / Exhibition Fees / Donations / Sponsorships / Art FUND with the Community Foundation of Southwest New Mexico, for sustainability.


The ArtForms Artists’ Association was established as a non-profit in 1998. We quickly established the Love of Art month which has been growing yearly. The month long event includes fine art, theater, music and poetry. Studio tours are also highlighted during the event. Past additional events include an art fair at the Las Cruces Convention Center and a Fall Show at the Grapevine.

ArtForms' Purpose

The purpose of ArtForms Artist Association of New Mexico Promote art in Las Cruces and to foster relationships with traditional and non traditional venues. Artforms encourages co-operation across disciplines and collaboration.

ArtForms Membership Dues


The dues are:

Individual Memberships $30

Group memberships $30

Senior Citizen (55+) Memberships $20

Full-time Student Memberships $20

Part-Time Students $15

(ArtForms Membership renewal is one year after joining.)

(Note: Art Forms is considering a membership fee increase)

Benefits of being in ArtForms for LCAA Members



Participation in For the Love Of Art Month (FLOA) (Fees apply)

(1) For the Love Of Art Month Studio Tours

(2) For the Love Of Art Month Member Shows

(3) For the Love Of Art Month Art Around town

(having your work in a place of business)

For the Love Of Art Month Publicity

Be in the FLOA Event Guide. (2500 were published in 2017, 3000 are expected in 2018.)

Participation in the ArtForms Fall Show

ArtForms Fall show takes place during one weekend in one of the fall months.

(The ArtForms Fall show transpires on a unfixed basis, not occurring every year.)


Cross Link

Your professional email/website/blog link is listed on the ArtForms website.

ArtForms Newsletter

Access to the ArtForms Newsletter that is not available to the public.

ArtForms Facebook

Permissions to post your events and shows on the ArtForms Facebook page.



General Positive Influence

(1) The reciprocal membership would create a larger voice for the arts.

(2) Each organization still maintains control of its own programs and keeps their own identity.

Artist Exposure

(1) There will be twice the opportunity for shows.

(2) More exposure through ArtForms group shows.

(3) You will be exposed to patrons from 4 states, through the proximity of our advertising, from NM, AZ, CO and TX.

Prepared by Jack LeSage, Director Las Cruces Arts Association

and Roy van der Aa, Secretary ArtForms

Edited by Rowan Baxa, ArtForms Webmaster



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