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Join date: Feb 8, 2022


I am from Mexico, but I had the good fortune to have adopted The City of El Paso and its beautiful people as my home.

I am a very simple person who believes that beauty consists of what we make of it every day. In my case, I discovered that painting is my passion and second, photography is what I do every day because it makes me happy. I have had solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. I also have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting from The University of Texas At El Paso. I also have a Graduate Degree in Art Education.

I began painting subject matters that reflect social issues that were important for me. My style is Expressionism using a dark pallet and sincere drama to depict my interpretation of what I was feeling at the moment. As I grew as an artist, my style has slowly been changing. At this moment, I am doing photography in a Baroque style and painting 'Still Life'. In my 'Still Life' paintings, I have studied concepts of painting that have been helping me to understand more about the thematical meanings of painting.

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