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What is the Social update?

The Social Update is a major update to, we've added several heavily requested features, such as Member Accounts, Member Bios, and the Members Gallery.

What exactly was added?



Just from the front page, you'll notice some changes. Overall, the site has been further refined and optimized, to improve loading on older and slower devices. We now have an integrated Facebook feed, so you'll never miss an important post again!

To the right of that, is our new Featured Artist spotlightEvery two weeks we'll introduce a new Featured Artist, which is showcased with a small bio and a few of their works, as well as a link to their account.

​At the top right of the screen, you'll find a new  Log In  button. If you are an active member you can sign up with a new account. From there, you'll have access to a new Member Account. The account features:

  • A personalized profile picture, so other artists can identify you.

  • A customizable banner, to add a bit of flare.

  • A fully expandable bio, where you can add text, photos, videos, gifs, and more!

  • A detailed follow page, to show who you're following.

  • A robust badge system, so members can tell their roles apart at a quick glance.

  • A notification network, to alert you of comments on your art, artists you follow, and likes!


Once you're verified that you are an active member, you'll receive your Membership Badge, and you can start posting to the members gallery. You can also check out other members accounts, and follow them if you're interested!

What next for the website?

We have a lot more planned, further expanding the new social system, as well as new tools for our members to use to promote, connect, and exhibit, so stay tuned!


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