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For the Love of art Studio Tour List

Tombaugh Gallery: LCAA Virtual Exhibit

2/1/21 - 2/28/21

The Tombaugh Gallery Instagram gallery is hosting a new show displaying LCAA members' artwork throughout February.


New Mexico Watercolor Society: Virtual Exhibit

2/1/21 - 3/31/21

The Southern Chapter of the New Mexico Watercolor Society is hosting the exhibit which invites members to express what they love about watermedia…. the transparency, the opacity, the juicy color, the special effects...what makes them passionate about their art!


The Black Box Theatre: For the Love of Love Virtual Exhibit

2/1/21 - 2/28/21

TheTheatreGallery's virtual art show supporting "For the Love of Art Month" and NSTC's streaming production of Connections: for love of love, You can see the art show free of charge. Sign up to see the Connection plays virtually at the same website.


Las Cruces Museums: Permanent Collection Presentation

2/17/21 at 2 p.m

Tune in for a presentation about the permanent collections of the Las Cruces Museum System and all the work that happens behind the scenes. Collections Manager Sarah Thomson and collections assistants will highlight their projects including the research and digitization of the fine art collection, sponsored by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. (Use the following link and password to access the Zoom session.)

ZOOM LINK - Password: 128748

Las Cruces Museums: "The World of Papercut Art" Lecture

2/23/21 at 1 p.m

On Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. a lecture will be presented on "The World of Papercut Art" by artist and educator Susan Leviton. Papercut art is found in cultures all over the world with many unique styles and adaptations. A common trait in many papercut styles is intricate designs cut into a single sheet of paper. Use the following link and password to access the Zoom session.

ZOOM LINK - Password: 511200

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