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  Is ArtForms doing a For the Love Art Month in 2022?  
Of course! We recognize how important For the Love of Art month (FLOA) is to our members and the arts community, and have decided to still celebrate in 2022. If you are interested in participating in FLOA 2022, you can find our forms HERE.
  What is ArtForms doing to make sure FLOA 2022 will be safe ?  
We've built our 2022 FLOA around the safety for our members and participants! We've focused on virtual events like livestreams and digital galleries that will be hosted here on our website.
  Will there be a FLOA guidebook, like in previous years?  

We've recently decided to not do any physical brochure, and to focus on posters and advertising other ways, like in local newspapers and online.
  What about Studio Tours ?  
Due to the limited number of entries interested in studio tours, we have decided to only do a members' show this year.
  What about the Members' Show ?  

Our Members' Show will be the only physical event we will be doing this year, located at the new DAAC gallery, but that's not all we're offering! Participating members can submit up to 3 works that will be displayed in a virtual gallery on our website beginning in January! 
  Where can I submit photos ?  

Photos can be emailed to, or click HERE!
  When is the deadline for form submission?  

The new extended deadline for both forms is December 15th, 2020.
When will I get my Invoice for form payment?  

Most invoices will be emailed out on December 15th & 16th, to ensure we have enough participants to move forward with the event. 
     This FAQ was updated on 12/11/2020     


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