Using Social Media to Promote Your Art

Written by: Rowan Baxa

ARTFORMS Article - 9/16/19

Image by Federica Galli

"Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sometimes you just don't feel like you're being recognized. And its never a fun experience when you feel like anything you do just wastes money, rather than achieving the much-needed support to your business or the your artistic ventures. You haven't sold a piece in months! Maybe you've never sold a piece. Well that changes today! Lets discuss some options, and decide what will be the best to help you. (Note that depending on your art form, these tips and suggestions might need to change accordingly, and some sites will offer better outlets than others to express yourself, and help promote your work.)

Know Your Options


Before moving forward, take an inventory of what you know you can work with.


Physically, I have:

My Phone, My Computer, The Internet, My art


Mentally, I have:

My Common Sense, My Artistic passion, and My DETERMINATION!


Now That I know what I have as a base structure, lets look at some of the possible options I have to present my art, and decide what's best for me.


Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantART, Flickr, Society6, RedBubble, and Instagram.


Let's start with two from this list, and go from there.



What speed do I like to roll at? Fast? Medium? Slow?


If you're a fast speed player:


Twitter (The #8 most popular social media site of 2019)

Tweet out at the speed of sound! Best Place to post project status updates and big news.


Post works in progress. New outfit? New paintbrush? Something come in the mail? Post it!


If you're a medium speed player:


Facebook (The #1 most popular social media site of 2019)

Chat about work, a new show, or plan an event coming up.

Its always best to create a separate Facebook page, dedicated to being your art blog.

Tumblr (The #6 most popular social media site of 2019)

Post aesthetic work, a sappy morning sunrise photo, and reblog others art! Casual and fun.



Talk and post work, or works in progress. Get opinions from fellow artists.



Post and connect, collaborate with others, and sell your designs!


If you're a slow speed player:


LinkedIn (The #3 most popular social media site of 2016)

It is THE place to show the best you offer. Want to look professional? This is for you.



Show videos of your process, or a time-lapse of your art. Pet projects flourish here!



Show your more professional videos. Shorts, Documentaries, and Demo-reels. Go for gold!



Easily sell your designs, patterns, and photographs, on everything but the kitchen sink.



A classic staple of online artists, great place for finished digital work, and rough sketches.



Who is your intended audience? Who do you want finding your work?


Professionals and Collectors?

LinkedIn  -  Facebook  -  Flickr - Vimeo



Facebook  -  YouTube  -  Tumblr  -  DeviantART



Twitter  -  Instagram  -  Tumblr  -  YouTube


Strangers and Common-folk?

Twitter  -  Tumblr  -  DeviantART  -  Society6  -  RedBubble  -  Instagram



Well then, what about a website? That sounds like a good plan. Or is it? What are the actual pros and cons about owning a website?












Some tips that are good to know:

-Never use a free domain.

-Keep your site SIMPLE.

-Keep the navigation simple

-Keep your URL simple, and easy to remember

-Once it's finished, don't be afraid to tell everyone, even the dog.

-Put your website as an address or QR code. Examples:









-Keep an eye on how many hits your site is getting, and learn from that to improve it.

-Don't be afraid to hire someone to work on your. Professionals are called that for a reason.



Creating a Buzz


-Get in your local paper

               -Decide, editorial or advertising?

               -Realize with an editorial, you're not the one writing it.

               -Realize that many people read newspapers for articles, not ads.

               -Do something that is news worthy.

               -Submit a press release via email. (including a photo always helps)


-Tease your audience

               -Use the media you have access to. Post teasers and build hype!



               -Auction off a piece of art, or make a raffle for it! Goes great with a Facebook account.



               -Host a party or event and give people incentive to mingle and see your work.



General Tips


-Art agents aren't just for rich folk, seek them out.

               -Make sure they take a percentage, not a paycheck.


-Friends are worth their weight in GOLD.

               -If you don't have friends, make friends!


-ALWAYS carry business cards. Writing on a potential customer's hand with a pen is a no-go.


-Always carry a pen. You will forget if you don't write it down!


-Watermark your art if it helps you feel better, but know what its for.


-Sell your art like you would a BRAND. Apple, Nike, Pepsi Cola.


-Connect with fellow artists, both similar and different in medium.


-Always spay and neuter your pets.


-Don't ever be discouraged.  Things like this can take time.


-Have fun. Art is a piece of you, and sharing that with others can be scary, frustrating, and that can take its toll on you. Don't let it. Smile, have a good time, don't eat the yellow paint, and always strive to be better. That's what you deserve.