ABOUT ARTFORMS ArtForms, a 501(c)(3) organization, supports and promotes all artistic forms, including visual, literary and performing arts because art, artists and the business of art are vital to the social and economic development of our community. The mission of ArtForms is to ensure that our creative community is regarded as a revenue-generating industry that has broad visibility and a solid resource network. We work towards the recognition of the greater Las Cruces area as an international art and culture destination. Membership ArtForms members include professional artists, art enthusiasts, business owners, hobbyists, retirees, students and teachers. The diversity of our group makes for a valuable resource of experience, skills and information. Want to become a member?  Click here. Activities Our membership meets quarterly.  Check the Program Schedule page for information on the next meeting.  The meetings are open to the public. Following a short business meeting, presentations focus on a variety of art and "business of art" skills. Member exhibits are held during the year in various venues throughout Las Cruces. For the Love of Art Month February finds ArtForms' members drawing our membership, other arts organizations and the community into the ArtForms organized and promoted "For Love of Art" celebration. Following the Las Cruces City Council proclaimation declaring arts an important component of a community's quality of life, galleries, museums, non traditional venues and artists' studios welcome the public to exhibits reflecting the vibrancy, diversity, history and culture of art in southern New Mexico.  Special activities include studio and gallery tours, a member art show and art venues all around the town.  Please click here for more information. WELCOME This web site is best viewed at 1024 x 768. To ensure viewing an up-to-date version of the website, press control+F5. Rhoda Winters has many photographs from the 2014 Love of Art Month events posted on our Facebook page.  We invite you to visit and observe the vibrancy, diversity and talent of our Southern New Mexico artists.  Thanks, Rhoda! December 15, 2014 ANNOUNCEMENTS There will be an ArtForms board meeting on January 8th at 9:30am at David Jacquez’s gallery, El Jardin de Las Cruces Art Gallery on Valley.  We will be working on the Event Guide and Love of Art Month.  The membership is invited. On our last member survey you indicated that participating in Love of Art Month was a major reason for belonging to ArtForms.  We do not have as many members as in the past, so we are hoping that everyone will volunteer to make this a success.  We already have some who have indicated they will help, but we need lots more.  Some of the Love of Art Committees needing help are:         1)    Member show         2)    Reception for member show         3)    Event guide         4)    Event Guide and sign delivery         5)    Advertising         6)    Entertainment         7)    Studio tours                   ARTFORMS LOVE OF ART MEMBER SHOW The deadline for turning in your application form for the ArtForms Love of Art Member Show in February is fast approaching.  The form is due December 26th.  If you don’t have a jpg of your artwork at that time, fill out and send the form now and send the jpg when it is available.  We need the jpgs for publicity for the show.  Renee will be sending publicity materials to The Sun-News, the Bulletin and other news outlets sometime in January so don’t wait too long.  We also ask that you turn in a short biography, no more than a paragraph, with your jpgs.  Remember that ArtForms cannot supply pedestals or plastic boxes for your work this year.  The Branigan Cultural Center provided those in previous years but we will not be showing there this year.  We will be doing something different.  The show will be spread between three downtown locations:  Mas Art, The Bistro and The El Paso Electric Gallery in the Rio Grand Theatre.  Help us make this a successful Member Show!  February is going to be a great month!!